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OnPassive is a new technology platform (some say a future Unicorn Company) that aims to provide a high-end plug and play platform for anyone with an online business or an offline business with an online presence, which is almost every business. Ash gives us his years of experience to save all of us time and money as we look at businesses to improve our lives. Between his failures and successes, he learned what a business should look like.

This amazing insight will save you time and give to the ability to evaluate a new business opportunity in 20 minutes.

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Make money in 2021 With Video Hosting & Marketing Solution

Full-Blown Video Hosting & Marketing Suite helping Marketers, Local Businesses & Website Owners to get more traffic, engagement & Sales from their videos.

It does so by solving multiple issues Businesses are facing right now with their videos.

1) Keep your traffic in house by having 100% control of your videos and having ZERO outside commercials or recommendations inside your video.

2) Lightning Fast Videos for the best User Experience in addition to fantastic overlay animations to get the MAX amount of clicks & engagement.

3) Turn your video into an instant GIF, therefore SOLVING the auto-play issue. 10x the amount of views & Clicks your video gets

4) Capture Leads, ADD CTA’s, Integrate your favorite Autoresponder & so many more Marketing Features to generate more leads & sales.

5) Built-In professional Business Landing Pages for Restaurants, Contractors, etc. – can be sold directly to prospects.

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📩Groundbreaking Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Groundbreaking Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Gets You 4x More Opens, Clicks & Profits With Your Existing Autoresponder

Get More Sales Without Changing Your Current Autoresponder

✅Smart Easy-To-Use Email Builder Which Multiples Opens & Clicks

✅Make More Money By Retargeting Email Ads

Use Scarcity Inside Emails To Make More Sales

Future Of Email Marketing

Double Your Clicks

Insert conversion-boosting elements such as YouTube Videos into your emails to rapidly increase click-through rates by up to 300%.

Zero Writing Skills Needed

No need for copywriting skills. No need to touch a line of code. Create a highly interactive email without any hassles.

Engage More, Engage Better

Add clickable personal calls-to-action and Images inside your emails. Engaging your customers 10x more than a regular email ever could.

Built For Instant Use & Results

Make MORE Profits & Sales With The All-New Built-In Retargeting Feature & Pre-Written Emails

Convert On-The-Fence Customers

Add Countdown Timers inside your emails and watch your conversions soar.

Boosts Your ROI – Retarget on FB & Google

Retargeting pixels help you retarget anyone that opens your emails. Make more from every dollar you invest.

Start Email Marketing Agency

Easily sell emails to clients to help them get more engagement & sales. Charge top dollar for your services.

Look At Results After Using Email Builder:


STEP 1️⃣


Select a template & a pre-written email (or write your own)

STEP 2️⃣


Add stunning elements to your emails giving them the ‘WOW’ Factor and a super-professional edge…

STEP 3️⃣


Once your template is ready, just download it in HTML format…

…and copy it into your favorite autoresponder.

If you don’t have an autoresponder, HERE IS THE ONE OF THE BEST

Goal-oriented email templates

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📝How to create content that converts

👑Who is the King of content writing?

📝The one that writes content that makes readers say,
‘‘This was written specifically for me.”

👑Are you one of them?

✅You have ideas but…
✅You don’t know how to create the right content!
✅You don’t know where to put it!
✅You don’t know where to start!

😊No worries your problem is SOLVED!
❓Did you ask me “HOW”
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🦸‍♂A friend of mine, one of the best in this field will show you how to create content that makes readers say
‘‘This was written specifically for me.

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❓What is Traffic Nemesis? Review…

🆕Traffic Nemesis is a fresh, 3-Step System for getting organic traffic from Facebook, and ultimately making consistent daily income from that traffic.

👨‍🏭How Does Traffic Nemesis work?

👶Traffic Nemesis is completely newbie-friendly and works for anyone that follows the 3 simple steps.

🎯Step 1 – Get everything set up, using the included ‘Step-By-Step’ System.

🎯Step 2 -Choose which traffic method on Facebook you want to leverage

🎯Step 3 – Sit Back, Relax and watch as your income and traffic grow effortlessly!

🌊Traffic Nemesis System Is a PROVEN system. To Work For Anyone That Follows The Training, And Uses The Included ‘Done For You’ Tools.

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📈You have no time, no tech skills, experience, and want to minimize learning so you can maximize earning.

❓Are the methods you cover inside Traffic Nemesis tested and proven to get results?

🆕Yes, everything inside Traffic Nemesis is tested and proven to work. If you haven’t looked yet, see student success stories, screenshots. and real-life proof that shows that this works and it works well.

🕶What makes this different than other courses and methods out there?

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1. Plain and Simple, It Works. Feel free to get your money back, if you are the first person on the planet this doesn’t work for.

2. It’s based on a battle-tested, proven strategy learned through trial, and error over the last, long time of development. Not some rehashed, outdated tactic that won’t last or work.

3. It’s fast. You can be up and running with this in the next 10 minutes, and get money and sales coming in within the next 24 hours. Seriously, It’s done through a long time of research, removing every single mistake, and telling you each step to follow. It’s fool-proof!

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👍Generating Leads and Sales Following A Proven Simple Step-By-Step System.

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It really can be that simple to start building the Escape Plan that will allow you to leave behind the life that has you existing in the…

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